Montag, 29. Februar 2016

The one fact I can´t deny in the end - Can you?!

Did you ever have an idea or came across an opportunity that made you feel all excited inside? this tingling in the belly. this gentle warmth spreading inside. This feeling that your chest is expanding, your heart doing something crazy between singing and crying out of happiness?
Shortcut: Did u ever have an idea and hear your soul saying "YES"?
I know we all do.

Since we all have the lovely friend called ego inside of us, I guess you know a second kind of feeling pretty well. The one coming straight after souls "YES": the crampy stomach, chest and heart itself becoming tight. everything getting cold.
That´s Egos "NO".
These physical sensations of those two stages might be slightly for you but I believe in general we all feel it quite similar.
Ego is a clever fellow, providing an enormous variety of No´s. "I can´t" "what will others think of me" "I don´t have the money" "it´s impossible" "i don´t know how" "i´m too stupid" "i don´t have time" "I would love to, but...."  "I´m not good enough".....-  so many phrases to hold us back. So many phrases to confuse us.  To keep us from connecting. To keep us from realizing it´s all only about one thing: FEAR

Let me ask you one question here. What are you so afraid of that you keep putting egos "NO" over souls "YES" over and over again?

What happens if you do? You loose money? Your job? A relationship? That IS SCARY. I have those answers myself and you can bet they scare hell out of me every day.

I also catch myself in finding excuses and giving in to the ego over and over. It sucks. It´s exhausting. It makes me wanna give up many times, indeed.
But there is one fact i can´t deny. No matter how suttle the voice may hard to catch in the haste of cellphone social media century, thousands of distractions, running all daily errands, and society´s expectations of how I should spend this lifetime on earth.

The one fact I can´t deny in the end - the feeling of my soul saying: "YES"

I wish you a very special 29th of Feb. Keep in mind we only have it every 4 years ;)

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